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Should you trust online property valuations?

Didn’t your Mother ever tell you… “You shouldn’t believe everything you read online.” A growing number of properties are being marketed without a price right now and that creates a real dilemma for home buyers trying to decide how much to offer. At the moment of truth, many are turning to online property valuations as Continue reading

Tips for moving house with kids

Let’s face it, moving day can (and probably will) be stressful. Not just on the day, but leading up to it too. There is a certain weight that sits on your shoulders every time you think about that impending date in your calendar.  It’s common to never quite feel organised enough, which leaves you with Continue reading

What to look for when viewing a home

Don’t you find it crazy that we can commit to buying a home to live in after just one or two short visits? It really is critical that you make the most of each visit so you can understand any home you are considering buying. To figure out how it flows. You want to work Continue reading

How to sell a rental property

Investing in property is a proven way to build and store long-term wealth. But there may come a time when the money you have tied up in that rental property could be used for better things. We have helped many clients through this exact situation and their reasons for selling a rental property vary, but Continue reading

Where Are the Buyers of Today Finding Their New Homes?

Buyers find their homes in different ways. But which ones are the most popular, and should that change the way you advertise your home if you’re a seller? Based on the stats from our own office over the past year, buyers found their new homes in these ways: Does print marketing for selling a home Continue reading

Selling? Here’s What You Need to Know

Well, 2019 is now officially over, and we’re starting the new year on a high! Sale prices are up, buyer demand is up, but we are still in need of more sellers to meet that crazy demand! If you are thinking of selling your property in Invercargill, we’d love to hear from you. But, if Continue reading

I Have Just Purchased a New Home… Now What?

Buying a new home is an exciting, but busy time. Before confirming the purchase of your property you have likely been caught in the process of “signing it up”. So, now that it is, what next? 1. Arrange Insurance It is quite likely that you would have already had to arrange insurance before confirming your Continue reading

Price vs. No Price Matching

In a market that is moving as quickly as this one, it is easy to think that selling with a price or no price doesn’t matter, but it does.  Here is a look at the two methods of sale we use to ensure that we get the best result for you:  Listed with a price   Continue reading