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What Makes a Good Investment Property?

This will vary for each investor as everyone has their own ideas or requirements with return on investment. However, here are three general points to get you started. 1. Return on investment Firstly check out the return. How much do you hope to earn back? And will you be able to do it with the Continue reading

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Sometimes, it seems that Winter is here in Southland year-round. But those winter months bring in some changes that can affect your home and the health of your family. To make the next winter easier, we thought we’d offer a few helpful tips on how to prepare your home for the cooler months. Take care Continue reading

I’ve Found the House of My Dreams… How Much do I Offer?

In a buoyant market, the advertised price often isn’t what the house ultimately gets sold for. The final offer could be higher–or maybe even lower. So, once you have found that ideal home and are ready to make an offer, how do you work out what kind of price to offer? Research, Plan, Ask Using Continue reading

How Should You Prepare for an Open Home?

If you’ve made the big decision to put your home on the market, you will surely want to present it to prospective purchasers in the best way possible. However, it can be hard to look at your home from an outsider’s perspective and knowing what looks appealing and what doesn’t. To help you on your Continue reading

You Can Save Money by Paying Off Your Mortgage Sooner

Owning your own home is certainly still high on the list of Kiwi dreams, and with KiwiSaver funds helping many people into their first homes, that dream seems more and more achievable. Along with that, however, comes the privilege of an up to 30-year commitment paying back the bank! Paying off your mortgage sooner can Continue reading

If There Are So Many Buyers around, Can’t I Just Sell My House Myself?

In this market, good homes are in demand and it is tempting to consider the idea of selling your home privately. Yes, there is the possibility of selling your home easily and effortlessly to the first buyer that comes along, however, will you be left wondering whether you really got the best price for your Continue reading

Thinking About Buying Rental Property?

There’s no doubt that property is one of the number one ways to get ahead in New Zealand. Property values for the most part tend to increase, but becoming a successful landlord is more than just buying a home. Here are a few quick tips to explore further before starting to grow your portfolio: Speak Continue reading

Have Multiple Offers? Here’s What to Do

In the current climate of too few listings and a lot of competition amongst the buyers, it is not uncommon for you to find yourself in a Multiple Offer situation.  A Multiple Offer situation is where more than one party is interested in putting forward an offer to the owners of the home. Whether you Continue reading