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When is The Best Time of Year to Sell My Home?

When a homeowner is preparing to sell their home, a question that often comes up is “when is the best time to go to the market?”. A common misconception is that winter is a bad time to be putting your home on the market. However, this is not the case. Here are a couple of Continue reading

Three Easy Ways to Increase the Value Of Your Home

We are constantly seeing proof that the best-presented homes with tidy decor fetch a higher price. However, what can be surprising is that it’s the small things smart homeowners are paying attention to that bring the best results. Here are a few ways you can increase the value of your home. 1. Update the paintwork Continue reading

Don’t Love It? Change it Up!

Sometimes we see something and feel inspired to make a change in our home but have no idea where to start, or what colour to use! Something new is better than something old and a place to start could be the entryway to your home. It’s a great area to have a go at finding Continue reading

Why Auction Is a Good Idea – And How to Surpass Your Competition

An increasing amount of properties are going to auction these days. Auctions are often seen as a way for buyers to buy homes at a discount. However, auctions actually have numerous advantages for both the buyer and the seller. As a seller, you have a set timeframe for the period that you are going to Continue reading

How do I sell my house and get top price fast?

A quick answer? Use experienced agents and auction it. The Invercargill market has been on the move in an upwards direction. Fast. Many people are eager to buy at the amazing rates we have right now. With limited stock and a lot of buyers in the area, the conundrum is this: Price too cheap and Continue reading

Should I Buy or Build?

If you’re ready to put your foot on the property ladder, it can be challenging to know whether you should build or buy. After all, sometimes it can take a while to find that “dream home” and building it can ensure you get it. If you’re not sure which is the better option for you, Continue reading

Light Up Your Selling Potential

Lighting used to be so simple. You could buy a light bulb for $1 and replace it when the old one blew. Nowadays, you can pay a premium price for one that saves power and is guaranteed to last for years.   When selling your home, do not underestimate the power of lighting. Something as Continue reading

The Three Biggest Mistakes When Selling Your Home

If you’re ready to hit the market, you are no doubt excited because you’ve heard the market is moving well. As a result, you surely want to get cashed up so you can go and buy your next home. While it’s normal to want to get on the market now so you can get moving, Continue reading