I’m buying or selling my first home and don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

We understand that real estate can seem complicated and overwhelming when you haven’t done it before. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Whether you’re buying or selling, we can help you through every step of the process. Call us, email us, come by and ask us… We’re here to answer your questions.

A home is listed by another Harcourts agent. How can I see it?

Any agent at Harcourts can show you any home, even if it’s listed by someone else. If you want to work with us and found a property listed by someone else, simply let us know and we’ll work out a time to show it to you.

When will I get the keys for my new home?

After negotiations are done and everything has been agreed upon, you might wonder when you actually get the keys and can move into your new home.

Part of the sale going through is deciding on a Settlement Day. This is the day that the home officially belongs to you and you’ll get the keys once your lawyer or conveyancer makes the final payments.

How do I start the process of selling my home?

  1. We will visit your home for a quick tour and take some notes.
  2. Our team will prepare a Current Market Appraisal with a suggested price range + a Marketing Plan.
  3. We meet with you to review this and answer any questions you have about the process. The decision is then with you as to proceeding from there.

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