In a market that is moving as quickly as this one, it is easy to think that selling with a price or no price doesn’t matter, but it does. 

Here is a look at the two methods of sale we use to ensure that we get the best result for you: 

Listed with a price  

We provide you with a Current Market Appraisal which includes a recommended selling price range based on comparable sales and current competition in the area. 
Ultimately the listing price is determined by you. However, we recommend that you take into account the recommended price range we provide.

By putting your home on the market at the right price, buyers will see great value and are happy to make a good offer and quickly.

This can often lead to more than one offer and creates a competitive Multiple Offer Situation which benefits you. 

Two cartoon figures fighting to stay on top of a balance scale.

No price marketing – auction

Even if you haven’t had any experience with auctions previously, keep an open mind when considering your options. There are three genuine advantages to auctioning your home:

1. You are working with cash/unconditional buyers

With an auction, buyers need to be in the position to make a clean offer. There are no builders report, LIM report, finance or subject to house sale clauses involved.

These conditions can cost you time and money. You have probably heard the term “cash is king” and it’s true!

2. Buyer vs. buyer, instead of buyer vs. seller 

Often when a home is for sale with a price, a buyer can make an offer to try and get the seller down in price. This situation is not so prevalent in these market conditions.

However, in an auction setting, the buyers are bidding against each other. Therefore the price is going up, not down. 

3. More control of timeframe

As the seller, you get to set your settlement date – to be as soon as you want, or pushed out to give you a bit more time.

You also have a clear selling strategy and marketing plan as this is set from the outset, with a goal to achieve a result on auction day.