Selecting a salesperson and agency to represent you in the market is a very important step. After all, the agent will have a direct impact on the result of your sale!

Is your agent’s number one priority to find the best possible buyer or just the first buyer that comes along? Let’s explore some critical factors that you may not have considered.


Teams within teams and agents working in groups of two or three with a PA is becoming more commonplace in today’s market. This means that instead of just employing one agent, you actually get two or more as well as extra admin support. What this also means is that the agent you have employed is more likely to be spending their working days trying to find the BEST buyer for your home, and not being bogged down in the office behind a computer or doing paperwork.

If your agent gets tied up with viewing or negotiations and an important offer arises on your property, you also have the additional support of another experienced agent who knows you, your home and your requirements.

The team

This one makes so much sense. There is a direct correlation with the size of the sales team and number of buyers being introduced to properties. The larger teams have more properties on the market, running more open homes and viewings by appointments, and promoting the property to a broader audience with the clear purpose of getting a better result. 


It’s no secret that there are different fee structures when it comes time to sell your home. Our advice would be to complete your research and understand what service is being offered behind the fee. This can include the marketing, systems used, processes followed, methods of sale available, size of the team, etc. All are important factors when choosing an agency. What’s more, a company using more services are better equipped to get better prices in the market.

Don’t forget the cheapest agent is the one who gets you the best price, not necessarily the one with the lowest fee.

Past experience

Does your agent come highly recommended? Recommendations from friends and family who have had great experiences with agents is a great way to get started. You can ask your prospective agents to supply testimonials, or if they are on top of things, they will probably provide them without you asking! You could then talk to some of these clients about the selling experience.

A triangle graph with Time, Cost, And Quality at the points.

Negotiation Skills

Second last point, but by no means less important. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS  – all marketing, processes, and preparation that we put into promoting a property will go out the door if your agent is NOT a strong negotiator.

Finding out who can help move that price upwards is probably going to be based around how successful they are in the market. Ensure your agent can demonstrate to you their ability to get the best results in the market.

This can include recommendations from those that have previously worked with an agent and sales results achieved in excess of client expectations.

Market Activity

How many properties is the agent currently running, and what is the social proof that this agent is thriving in the current market? Asking to see an agent’s last ten sales will show you how active they are in the market and what kind of buyers they are working with.

But is their commission cheaper?

The lure of lower commission is everywhere at the moment. These offers noticeably increase when we experience a buoyant market. However, choosing the lower-priced agent could, in fact, cost you extra in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at this

What does that lower fee actually cover? 

When comparing fees, you need to ensure you have all the facts. Are there any catches or additional costs to what’s being offered – such as marketing costs and administration fees?

Some questions to ask include:

1. What level of service will I receive?

2. What processes are in place to ensure I get the very best price?

3. How do you market my property?

4. What methods of sale are available?

5. What mediums/publications do you use?

6. How many agents are promoting the property?

These are all important factors when making the final decision. As the saying goes, you need to compare apples with apples as opposed to oranges.

What will the level of service look like?

Whoever you decide to list your home with, you are going to have a relationship with that person for at least the next 4 – 6 weeks. So, make sure the agent you chose can demonstrate what their level of service looks like.

Find out their post-inspection feedback, number of open homes being conducted, regular written marketing reports and how hard they are going to work for you to get the very best price.

Are you ready to choose your agent?

To get the best price you want the best salesperson to find the best buyer, as opposed to simply selecting the salesperson based on fee alone. A good agent is experienced, a tactful negotiator has a supportive team, and is active in the market– just the skills you’ll get when working with Team Thomas.

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